Thursday, October 1, 2009

Update from Cher

Jacob's numbers improved late tonight. I'm home going to bed, and have been comforted in my prayers that as we attend the temple for Colbren and Trey's endowments tomorrow, that the Lord will be watching over Jacob. Sabree will sit with Jacob, with her experience with her own two sisters and helping with Jacob, we are confident he is in good hands between the Lord, his Doctor's and Sabree. I BELIEVE IN MIRACLES!


  1. Your family is in our thoughts and prayers. Jacob is a one of a kind. He is delightful and full of energy. Jacob is a influence for good and I know that angels are attending to him and his needs. We will keep him in our prayers as well as the rest of your family. Jacob is a sweet young man and I have grown to love him. I want him to recover and continue to smile and share his love for life!

    With love and kindness!

    Debbie Hadlock

  2. I do not know your family and only know about your blog through my cousin Tyler Beckstrom.. I am so sorry for this terrible accident. You will be in my prayers, you, your family and friends.. Jacob is in the best hands possible now.. Gods hands!!! Please remeber that he is being carried through this with each passing day!