Sunday, October 4, 2009

Returning Home

At 9:00 p.m. Sunday, October 4th, our Sweet Jacob returned home to the open arms of his Father in Heaven and Savior. The family would like to thank everyone for their faith and prayers during this difficult time.


  1. We are so very sorry to learn of Jacob's passing. He had spent time over at our house just a day or two before his accident and was riding home from our neighborhood the night of the mishap.

    We hope your memories of Jacob will help ease the sorrow and your faith will give you strength to carry forward.


    Dave, Cindy and Alex Soutter

  2. Jacob, our hearts are broken. We will miss your energetic spirit and smile. Park Family- our thoughts and prayers are with you. You have been such an amazing example of faith and strength to us all. We are better people for knowing you and Jacob. We love you.
    Love, The Cluff Family

  3. Parks you are seriously the strongest family i have ever met. My life will never be the same because of you guys! I love you guys and Jacobs sweet spirit will be missed! God Bless
    Ariel Spilker

  4. Park Family-
    We have only been in the ward for a short time, but I have been touched by Jacob's sweet, energetic personality, as I was able to get to know him through ym/yw.We are sorry for your loss, but are so amazed by your strength. We love you. You and Jacob have been in our prayers, and will continue to do so.
    Love The Ripplingers

  5. Park Family,

    We are so sorry to hear about Jacob's passing. You have been an inspiration of Christ like love during this time and the faith that has been shown by your family has truly been amazing. Your family will continue to be in our thoughts and our prayers and we hope that you may feel peace and love during this difficult time.

    Much love,

    The Stringfellow Family

  6. My heart is truly broken for you! As I have said many times over the last several years, I love Jacob! His smile and positive energy have been infectious! He will be so....missed! I know he will continue to be loved and that we all have the opportunity to see him again! I pray that the Lords spirit will comfort you and will be with you. I hope the sadness will not overpower the great and wonderful events coming up. Having a missionary out will be such a blessing in you lives! Know that you are loved!!!

    Debbie Hadlock

  7. Dear Park Family,

    You are all in our thoughts and prayers at this very difficult time. We are so shocked and saddened by Jacob's passing. We pray the Holy Ghost will send you peace and comfort during this very hard time. We love you all!

    Robin, Greg and Kim Hughes

  8. Dear Parks,
    It is sad to hear the news while at school. Jacob was always exciting and fun to be around. His fun loving memory will always have a place in my heart. He was always there when I was upset, he helped comfort me. I hope that you will remember the teachings of Christ and that we will all one day see him again. I will continue to pray for your family always. As a dear friend who cares and as an eternal sister. - Jessica

  9. I feel like such a wuss, I just can't stop crying for Jakie. I know he is in a better place, but I still miss him. I can't believe I won't see his sweet smile running up to me whenever I walk in your door. I love you all, and I wish I was a strong as you. You are truly, and will always be, my second family. It's gonna be so hard to leave you for my mission right now.. But I know the Lord is in all things. Thank you for everything, and I know I will see Jacob again.

    Truly sincerely yours,

  10. Dear Park Family
    I will never forget our testimony meeting, before the last one, when Jacob gave his testimony and also mentioned how he loved his family. Last night as I prayed for peace to come to you, I struggled to understand why he had to go so soon! The gospel is the greatest blessing in our lives, and in due time peace will come to confirm that all is well. We love you and will continue to pray for you
    Liseth and Glen Turner

  11. Dear Park Family
    I am so sad,I will truly miss Jacob. Thank you for letting me see Jacob before he left. He is such a special friend to me. He knew how to cheer me up. Life will never be the same without him. He was so cute with Hannah. Hannah also loved Jacob. Thank you Jacob for all that you did for me. I cannot wait to see you again. I will continue to pray for your family.
    Love, Jessica

  12. Dear Park Family,
    Our family is so sad to hear about Jacob's passing. We didn't know him really well, but he always had a smile on his face and bore his testimony with strength and conviction. Your family has been an example to us during your difficult time. Please know our thoughts and prayers are with you.

    Love, The Ihler family

  13. Dear Robert, Cher and family,
    What can we say, except that we love you, pray for you and exercise our faith, with yours, during this earthly trial. May you be filled with peace and the love of our Heavenly Father. I was privileged to be Jacob's Webelos leader. I remember really putting on the pressure to complete his Webelos requirements just 6 weeks before his 11 birthday when he would then be moving onto Scouts. We met, made a plan and then Jacob went to work. Daily, he would show up at my door to report back...the report was finished, the FHE lesson had been taught, a poster was now completed....etc, etc. With great enthusiasm and joy, he finished his work. And now it appears, his earthly work must be finished and we must let him go.
    Just know we share your sorrow and rejoice with you because of the Fathers plan of salvation.
    Families are forever.
    May God Bless
    Ann and Joe Allred

  14. Dear Park Family-

    Thank you for bringing such a wonderful young man into this world. He was a great friend to so many- and his friendship to Keely will never be forgotten. He had such a special spirit that touch the lifes of all those he came in contact with. His time here with us is done- and that special spirit was needed to be with his father in heaven. Thank you for letting Keely come up and see him. You will always have a special place in the hearts of so many. He spirit will live on in all those that he has touched. Thank you Jacob for being such a great friend to Keely.

    Families are together forever-

    Mindy and Keely Tulane

  15. I am Shauntelle Stephenson. I am the daughter to Denise Maddock, Jacob's primary teacher. My heart is broken for your family and I continue to pray for your family and all that care so deeply for your son. Having spent months up at PCMC in the PICU with my daughter, I know that he was cared for well. May Heavenly Father put His loving arms around you and bring you the beuatiful gift of peace that only He can give at this time.

  16. Dearest Park Family,
    After reading posts on the sweetness of Jacob I felt it was important to share this short story.
    Jacob was in art class 3rd period and although he had many friends I was privilegded to experience his sweetness as he reached out to a boy in this class that has Downs Syndrome. Every day Jacob would come in and say "Hi" to this boy and even though this boy could not talk to Jacob his eyes would light up. Many times I saw Jacob carry on a conversation with this boy, when Jacob would call his name this boy would always turn to look at him. I saw Jacob in the hall one day and I stopped him to Thank him for his kindness, he was very humble, I told him that even though this boy could not converse with him that he still understood that Jacob was talking to him. I am not very good at following through with promptings such as the one of stopping students and telling them how I feel but I am sure glad I followed my heart that time. I believe Heavenly Father saw these things in Jacob and wanted him to know that others saw it too.
    You are in my prayers, thank you for sharing Jacob's sweet spirit with us. You are very fortunate to have a boy such as him in your family.
    With Love, Cynthia Odekirk

  17. Dear Park Family,

    I am not LDS, but I was so touched by your love and support and your example in the PICU parent waiting room (Riann's friend), and I truly believe that your family will be together forever. I can't think of a better family to be reunited than yours. I wish that I could comfort you the way you comforted EVERYONE you met there. My heart goes out to you during this tremendously difficult time.

    Yours truly,

  18. Rob and Cher and family. I am so deeply sorry for your loss. I was touch my Jacob's sweet heart even though I barely knew him. He has an amazingly, strong family. You all are truly inspiring. You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers.
    Goodbye Jacob. You will forever be missed.

    Dallas Ingles.

  19. I've loved being one of Jacob's Primary Teachers this past year. Jacob was full of life but was always respectful to me, you can be proud of the wonderful son you've raised. I feel so strong that our Heavenly has a greater Mission for Jacob.

    I will miss his smile and enthusiasm for life. My regret was I did not make it up to the hospital to see Jacob.

    May the Lord continue to comfort your family in the months and years to come.

    Love - Denise Maddock

  20. Park Family,
    I got the call from Susan and Tyler while driving home from my moms house after watching conference with my family all together for the first time in years. I could not stop sobbing! I am truly sorry for your loss. Jake is in such a better place and now he is home helping and guiding you so that you may return to him some day! I know that living the gospel will allow you to see him again! He is truly going to missed by the Beckstrom family. Tyler is being so strong but I know that his heart is breaking inside! Your family will be strengthened from this I just can tell! You are and will continue to be in my families thoughts and prayers!

  21. Dear Park Family,

    I'm so sorry to hear about your loss. Even though I have never meet Jacob, it sounds like he is a wonderful son. You are such wonderful people I feel so blessed to know such a great family. Your family will be in our prayers and thoughts, through this difficult time.

    Love The Green Family

  22. When I heard about the accident, I was severely saddened. Even knowing someone who is suffering is a real downer. I feel so bad about his passing. Life will never be the same without Jacob. You will always be in my prayers. I will do everything in my power to help with anything. Thank you for your example and for the example from Jacob. You taught him well. He will never be forgotten.

    Always, Ryan Rogers

  23. Sorry for your loss. I liked Jacob a lot. Thanks so much for Jacob and all that he did and that you did. You are good parents. Sorry again. Remember that time, tears, and faith can mend a broken heart.
    -Cheyenne Dials

  24. Jacob was a way cool kid, I was hopeing to have a party when he came home, but now we are having a party in memory of him. I wasn't the best friend with Jacob, but I knew him really well, I'll miss him so much.
    From, Dylan Smith

  25. hey don't worry he was difianatly prepared and just remember that this is not just sad it is also happy jacob is going to a better place and he deserves to go to such a wonderful place and to be with are father in heaven

    From, Parker Strong

  26. Jacob was a cool beans guy and he was awsome.

  27. Everybody loved jacob, he was full of life and i'n sure he's doing great things on the other side:)
    Riley Smith

  28. Mama Park and Papa park!! I love you guys soo much!! You guys are literally my second family. Jacob is and will forever be an amazing kid. He was known by many and loved by all. We're all gonna miss him so much. But we will get to see him again someday soon! LOVE YOU TONZ!!!

  29. Anybody who knew Jake was greatley blessed. He was such a happy cazy kid. Im soo happy that i was blessed enough to know jacob. We will all miss him soo much. You guys are sooo strong!I love you guys!!!!!!!! He is in such a better place and i know he's in the best of hands! WE LOVE YOU JAKE AND WE WILL MISS YOU SOO MUCH!!!
    Jaynee :)

  30. jacob was a good frind to us all.he was nice and we all loved him.the loss of jacob will be hard to move on with out him.all miss him alot
    and will always remember jacob.its so hard to say good by but its good to know hes in a better place.

  31. Jacob touched so many people with his sweet outgoing spirit. He will be missed, and I am glad I got to know him. I always remember seeing him with a big grin on his face. He was a great friend to my brother as well as everyone around him. I am sorry his short time is complete on this earth, but he is with his father in heaven now. Thank you Park family for everything you do. Your faith is inspiring.

  32. Jake- I miss you soooo much. I can't believe you are gone. We became best friends in one day and I will remember all the fun times we had together. You were such a great friend and I will never forget you. I look forward to the day we will see each other again. Love, your best friend - Tyler.

  33. Dear Park family - We have shed tears for you and our hearts ache for your loss. You are in our thoughts and prayers. We pray that you will be wrapped in the arms of our Savior's love and comforted during this time. With love, Jeff, Sharla, and Kelson Howes

  34. i will miss jake a lot. He was a really good friend. I'm glad that i will see him "soon" He had a funny sense of humor, he made everyone around him laugh. One way i will remember him is that he named a bunny "whiteout" at the farm on main street. He really liked that bunny.

  35. Thanks to everyone who has shown their love and support to my family. I love my brother Jacob and am glad I had him in my life although it was short and sweet. He will always watch over us and I want him to see how strong I can be. There is no better place for him now then in Heaven along side Uncle Forest, Annie Jay, Great Grandpa, and my mom Barbara Adams. My mama Park says Jacob and I have just switched moms for a while. I know he is being well taken care of.