Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Jacob is such a joy to our family. His last testimony he gave was simply his love for his family. For 4 and a half years Jacob is the best friend to Jordan and helped him while he was sick without ever being asked and never complained. His example of love and service has stood out to us for a long time, but now seems to us to have been one of his main missions here on Earth. I cannot help but think that now he and Colbren will both be serving a mission at the same time Jacob in Heaven and Colbren here. We have also learned about faith. We had faith that the Lord could heal Jacob if he was still needed here, but we also then had to learn that we had to have faith that the Lord needed Jacob to come home. We feel no fear about where he is, for we know we will be with him again. Families are forever, the Savior loves us and sends his tender mercies and angels to us every day if we just look for them. Miracles happen, and we have had many. We are so grateful Jacob had one more miracle left in him so he could donate his organs and tissues so that some other families will not have to go through such a huge loss. Friend to everyone, gentle and loving by nature, joyful by choice, and faithful to the end , we will miss our Jacob but are comforted by the great plan of salvation. Thank you for everything Jacob we love you.
Posted by Cher, Jacob's mother


  1. Last year when we suddenly lost my brother from a brain hemorage and head trauma, my Sister In-law chose to have his organs donated. That decision has been an enormous comfort to our family to know that several people have been saved by having these transplants. I hope that through this unselfish, loving, giving choice that you have made that you also will find comfort in this decision. Jacob is and was one of the most energetic boys I know. To me it almost seemed that his spirit was just to big for his body. He never seemed to be afraid of anything. I enjoyed being one of his 11 year old scout leaders and going on the campouts and weekly activities. Jacob always seemed to have fun no matter what the situation was. We will all miss him but we know that he is in the loving arms of our Heavenly Father at this time and because of the gift of eternal life given to us by The Savior we will see him again.
    Love, The Smith Family

  2. Well said Cher, it makes you wonderful how families handle this without faith, prayers and the plan of Salvation. Jacob has a greater mission.

    Love - Denise Maddock