Monday, October 5, 2009

Remembering Jacob

Today Jacob's ward family Young Men's and Young Women's gathered to remember the special times with Jacob. The Bishop spoke, and all could feel the Spirit. There was laughter and tears, and a feeling of gratefulness to have known Jacob. We are all so blessed to have known him and the Park family.


  1. Jacob, I had a really fun time in Moab. I am sorry that you are gone. You were fun and crazy on the four-wheeler! I've never had so much fun in the rain.
    Love, Ashlyn Cluff

  2. My thoughts are of a boy I have never met. I understand what his family is feeling and I mourn with you. I lost my little brother 8 years ago in a car accident. I hope that all those who see these pictures and thoughts will feel comfort and peace. I believe that Jacob is a missionary now just like my brother, preparing the way for us in heaven.